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Spanish / English Talent - Tomy Mackey

Tomy delivers that elusive neutral Spanish accent that you've been looking for, as well as a very slightly accented American English. Studio is equipped with AudioTX Codec, AKG 414 and shure SM7B mics. ISDN Lines are: Line 1: 011 5411 4120 0121 Line 2: 011 5411 4120 0122

Voice Talent Spotlight

Ross Huguet - Celebrity Sound Without The Steep Price Tag
Ross' voice is described as warm, confident, captivating, compelling, convincing, direct, hypnotic and a great story teller. From quiet confidence to powerful to high energy. With 26 years experience, he is capable of providing you quality voice overs. Since this is all he does, he can offer you very fast turnaround, often times within 1 hour!!